Exporting settings to Post in Good Quality on Byte!

Hey yall!
I guess I am not only one who is using editing and compositing software to create Bytes.
I am really curious, what setting do you use to export your videos for Byte? (For example in Premiere Pro/FinalCutProX/After Effects etc.)
We all know that quality is very important and hard work on (for example) color correcting/grading can’t be wasted!
So please share your setting or thoughts what setting do you use :smiley:


vertical 1080p, 30fps (personal preference, some people are using 60), about 20 target bit rate, check box everything that says “don’t use previews” and “render maximum quality”, stereo 5.1 audio (i think, away from PC right now),

Usually a 6 second clip comes out to about 7 - 8mb.

Color grading comes through fine, but be careful with motion blur and rapid movements - that’s what I learned in one of my earlier videos.

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