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I just thought it would interesting to hear what your guy’s unique content ideas and recommendations for people to follow, and I’ll start off…

Hey guys, my account name is @noahknowsnature and my account is unique because it revolves around a survivalist theme with comedic contradictions at play. It’s definitely a lot work to edit these videos but I think people will enjoy the.


Hey good morning! My account name is @thejohnquinonez and as of right now my account is so far Just a bunch of Random Comedic sketches at this point for now…

BUT that will change in some way soon. You see I have a YouTube channel and for the past 7 months I’ve been creating this on going story within the last 3 videos I’ve released on my channel.

I’ve been working on the 4th continuous video before bytes release on the app stores working on how to conclude this story that will actually Blend into my Bytes.

I have so many steps to take really before I can fully explain why my page should be seen as something that is GOING to be unique in my eyes. But I guess for now I’ll give you the summary of my YT @TheJohnandAxelShow
“2 brothers create their very own Internet show, but little do they know about the real world they live in…”