Explore page Redesign for people to find content ,?

So I created this to represent what a byte update to the “Explore page” would look like. I am a graphic designer and would love that some form of this was implemented. This design would allow for people to find new content, byte to profit from ads and byte creators to gain more traction. If the byte developers like this design or if you in the forum like this design please like it or contact me. An interactable one is available on the link us this password to get in. Bytersdontbyte1.

My Redesign


Thanks The Dedicated Artist

@thededicatedartist or @couragemediagroup on all platforms


Great idea man I think they working on a overhaul of that too. I love this

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I actually don’t know how byte gets their profits. Anyone know?

explore page is getting overhauled soon, but I think it’ll look something similar to this or even better! love the idea🔺


I believe as of right now most if their money is from the initial startup funds they acquired. They haven’t done much to establish a functional model to make money from the app. Thats why if they overhaul the explore page they could have the possibility of making money from sponsors.

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Ok gotcha, thank you. I personally have no problem with sponsors or ads on the home page. They gotta make money somehow. I remember that Nike sponsor they had early on and that was well done.