Explore/for you page?

yes i know this type of post was made before, but all of them were made at least a year ago (jan/feb 2018) and A LOT has changed since then

so on tik tok they have a “for you” page which is really easy to get onto and helps a lot of people grow on the app, whereas on instagram it’s nearly impossible to get onto unless you’re a popular meme account. so my question is will byte have an explore page kind of thing and what will the algorithm be like (like ig or tiktok?)

i really hope we do get an explore page bcs it’ll make it SO MUCH easier to grow

on a side note i really hope revines will be dead like vine because i never liked that feature


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Yeah, I agree. A lot of people have said that they don’t want an algorithm on byte, but I do think that it would be good to have a separate section/page with videos that would be more interesting to you, other than just all the new or popular bytes.


What’s wrong with revines?


personally, it messed up my feed which i like to keep clean and consistent. idk on my page you would only see my videos and not someone else’s and when i would go on another page i would want to see their videos not the videos that they thought were funny
but that’s literally pure opinion based, you’re free to feel differently

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Personally I feel revines (possible rebytes) should be on a separate section (like tagged photos) or likes on the old vine


Maybe if you could filter it (re’s and posts / both), that would be best


My guy arf alwasy coming up with the best ideas

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alwasy’s my middle name

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Hate TikTok’s For You page and miss the old Featured page it replaced.

i definitely think we should keep the reposting feature but you can turn it off if you want maybe. I love the idea of retweeting and revining.

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i’m pretty sure on vine you could’ve switched over so you only see that person’s post on their profile and not the revines, it’s been a long time so if i’m wrong i apologize but i’m pretty sure i personally remember doing that.

I agree. I’d like my page to be organised.

Only time will tell but I wouldn’t be surprised if they embrace an algorithm like everyone else