Explain Twitch to me

So im sort of an old man when it comes to my social media. I like the normal stuff but nothing new or different. My ig and twitter and snap are enough for me. What is the purpose of twitch if you can livestream on almost every major platform now??

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Twitch is more centralized on games, it’s also starting to get more irl streams and whatnot, but believe it or not, recently Twitch has more views that HBO and Netflix. Although you can stream on YouTube, Twitch is more centralized and built for livestreams

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

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I don’t have Idea of what is that, have never heard of it

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WaIT ReALLy!?!??!

Instead of someone recording, editing and uploading its just streamed straight on to twitch live :slight_smile:

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100% this. It’s mainly used for video game streaming, although it now has more than just people playing games. It has a Creative section, an IRL section, etc.

A boiled down comparison could be like this:
YouTube is primarily focused on edited, uploaded videos and things like that, where Twitch is primarily focused on live streaming. The tools and features cater to a live audience and a live streamer.

Although you can livestream on YouTube, FB, Insta, etc, these platforms are primarily focused on their own thing. It’s the same reason we don’t all just use Facebook instead of Instagram because you can post pictures on Facebook.

Instagram is focused on images. YouTube is focused on video. Twitch is focused on live-streaming and watching things live

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I don’t use twitch but to my knowledge it’s a live stream gaming app… but now it’s being used by artists, that don’t play games, because if YouTube or something idk