Expand your Byte Social Media Presence

Twitter is a great platform to market your Byte contents and profile. If you don’t have twitter I recommend you to create one. You’ll discover some amazing creators that Dom repost on his Twitter profile. Including repost from the Byte Official Twitter page.

Idea: When you post a Byte on your profile repost your Byte video on Twitter w/ the Byte link. This could boost up your viewership/followers and bring a new discovery. However, you’ll never know if your content will go viral on Twitter. I’ve seen some creators started on expanding on this. If you haven’t I highly recommend you to do so!

I’ve seen a lot of TT videos gone viral twitter, brought traffic and hype to the app. I believe we as a byte community should start a trend or movement on twitter that will help leverage the app :rocket: I started following a few creators I’ve found.

Let Byte’s growth and engagement begin. Hype for Byte?

*Byte Official Page*

Follow Byte Official Account on Twitter
Twitter: @byte_app

*Best of Bytes*

Follow Best of Byte on Twitter
Twitter: @bestofbyteapp

Creators drop your Twitter @ name below and connect w/ viewers and other creators. (e.g. potential collab? support? etc)

Viewers drop your @ name as well and find your favorite creators and support them.

*Find me on Twitter*

Twitter: @ByteTupac

cc. @PlasticRice


Do the bytes actually post viewable, or are they just links?

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They post viewable videos along with links (both)

Aye, got you :rocket: