Existential Crisis!

If you upload a byte in the /noupload category…did you even upload a byte??? :flushed::exploding_head::exploding_head:


If I upload a tiktok on Byte, is it a tiktok or a byte… :flushed:


no over thinking :smiling_imp:


Solution to the paradox: you don’t post tiktoks on Byte :exploding_head:

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Too late :stuck_out_tongue:

Serious take:

There are millions of people who aren’t happy with tt right now. They are looking for an alternative platform. Why not let them post their content on byte, see how great the feedback and community can be? Give them suggestions on cool things you can do with the byte camera and make them feel welcomed.

I know for a fact people are using Snapchat, Instagram and other apps to make content and then posting it in byte. How is it ok for that, but not tt?

Converting someone from one platform to another is one of the oldest successful business strategies.

Why would you not want someone who has a a solid following, good editing and other skills to come to this platform?

If they realize this platform is better, without the drawbacks of another, they will move. Their followers will follow them.

And byte grows.

If you try to have a little walled garden where only the “cool kids” are allowed? The mods are unseen except for ban hammering, removing content, leaving nasty comments, shadow banning or treating people poorly? Where you have to pay to have your content seen by anyone -including your followers? (I’m referring to another social media platform btw)

That community is a :fire: :wastebasket: :fire: and people look for alternatives.

tldr; be nice and encouraging to the new kids, you might just make friends, and help grow byte more than @dom and the team just throwing :moneybag: at advertising ever will.


I agree - my comment was sarcastic. :sweat_smile:


Good question, bruh :wave:t5::rofl: What’re you smoking?
But yo, if Bytes are 16 second videos, is every 16 second video a Byte :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:?


No worries, and I kind of figured as much, but at the same time I’ve seen people leaving nasty comments here and in the app about not posting tt videos and shaming people.

Look at the reviews on the store and you see people complaining about it.

Even if it’s a joke, others see it and think it’s true and reinforce it by making nasty comments.

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So many questions, so little answers :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:


But… I - what if… :exploding_head:

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Yeah some people on this app really don’t like the tik toks on the app. I honestly don’t mind. One or two couldn’t hurt. It’d be another thing if the entire app was mostly tik toks though

dang this questions is deep haha

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