Exactly how v2 is gonna play out

So as soon as the app drops thousands of users are going to race to spam v2 with content in hopes that their video gets featured since the algorithm with have low standards at the beginning. Those who prevail and get featured will likely become the v2 stars because they will be exposed 1st (reccomended pages , top v2’ers lists etc…).Well my friends looks like its gonna be survival of the fittest(or fastest xD) , buckle up.


i already got my video ready. gonna take a huge dump on the sidewalk.

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preparing content now, best of luck everyone!

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o my it’s exactly like the hunger games :joy:

lol what

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I do not think that the first people who appear on some recommending page will become famous, maybe that happens, maybe not …
I think there will always be room for new artists just like it happened on YouTube 2/3 years ago, the youtube now only give space for who already is famous :what: