Everyone use this hashtag on Instagram

The hashtag #byte has almost 30,000 posts, and has a lot of random non-Byte related posts too. But the hashtag #byteapp only has 168 posts.

For all of you posting Byte-style content on Instagram, use the hashtag #byteapp

This will fill the hashtag with fellow creators from the forum, and it’ll be a lot easier for us to discover each other and connect.

What do ya think?!


yeah I think that would be good. right now people have been using #hypeforbyte as well, but that’s mostly relevant until the beta drops.


if Byte becomes big enough it could probably take over the #byte hashtag.


Yea this sounds good

Agree, like the idea. btw the egg just won.



The #Byte is not fill with none-related byte posts, There are many Byte things in the world, not just the Byte app, and most of the post are about a song called Byte by Martin something.

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Oh yeah, I’ll use #hypeforbyte as well, I didn’t know about that one. It’s only got about 30 posts!


It’s still not that competitive but wont’t be surprised if it reaches 1 mil once the app releases. If you leave a comment on the top 9 posts of these hashtags you’re more likely to rank on these tags along with posting content the market wants

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