EVERYONE is verified

So I came back to byte after a 3 day hiatus and notices that the app updated and I now have the verification symbol!

But alas, when scrolling through my mix I realised that everyone now has it!

I’m sure this is just a bug but it got really excited over nothing so thanks byte hahah.

Phone model: Samsung A50

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Yep, had this too. It was a bug we didn’t want fixed but the team have already sent out an update to fix it. :joy:

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Yeah I was really excited until I realized lmao

I don’t see it on anyone’s channel or nor on my channel…

wtf where is my?

My Google Pixel phone on Byte app do not see everyone who are verified.

I think it’s just a server side glitch. So not everyone is seeing it. It only appears next to my username on videos but not in my bio.

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Oh word? This is a blessing. A temporary blessing :joy:


Aaaaay hahaha :smile::yum: Read the update description, though I still can’t see the glitch on end of my phone. Fun glitch :yum:

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