Every one is exited for endgame, but for what particular reason

What part of endgame are you exited for?


them all dying


I wasn’t hyped at first but these new trailers got me really hyped now!!!

@Benf and I are hyped af

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EVERYTHING!!! Bruh…Thanos has ALL THE INFINITY STONES! The strongest Avengers couldn’t beat him when he had one. Half of the universe is DEAD! And on top of all that…they lowkey are understaffed. How are they gonna avenge us!!! I’m gonna watch the movie with my best friend. ITS LIT!!!


So hypedd

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For the endgame :rofl:

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The part where I get to cry alone in the movie theatre and no one notices because it’s pitch black.


Im actually excited when Thanos and Iron Man full on…

Make out.

Oh. That’s actually a really good question that I wasn’t prepared for. I guess I just want to see what happens. No specific “part” that I’m excited for.

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