Estimating seconds when uploading?

Today, I was uploading a video loop that was 2 seconds and some frames. But Byte previewed it at 2 seconds. Cutting it off. I went back to my editing app and stretched it to be 3 seconds. It previewed it exactly how it was.
Hmm. Should we always be hitting the exact seconds when uploading? No frame more or less?

Using iOS.

That’s weird @swaymolina I edit with iMovie and am never exactly on the second, but it never cuts any of my video off.

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I’ll try again tomorrow!

I’ve been making a lot of my edits through InShot, and I’ve noticed that when I go to upload a video that’s, for instance, 2.4 seconds long on InShot, Byte will round it out to “2 seconds” but keep the video the length it’s supposed to be. Are you just seeing the edit bar claim the timing or is it an issue with playback? If it’s the former, then it might just be the app simplifying the time to the nearest second.