Estimated amount of v2 users

So I’m just wondering how many people are going to start v2 and how many new people are going to become artists in v2.


I’ll definitely try to make content. The question is if people are interested in my content…


I’m totally going to be in there.

I joined Vine on the backend because I took the plunge to begin stop motion with various toys and what not. I was actually getting really good growth and !PooF! it was gone…

I’m really hoping to make an impact and bring my community to V2.

I’m a currently a content creator primarily doing Facebook Live Gaming Broadcasts but I plan on leveraging v2 to continue my stop motion and maybe do some micro vlogging as well as some comedy vids.

I’m just sooooooooooooooooooooooo stickin’ excited for v2!!!


I think it’s going to immediately gain popularity due to the former creators telling their fans to go follow them on V2. If the servers that Dom Hoffman used are great, V2 will either keep on pushing or require server maintenance due to over load. People seeking to be the next Vine star will come on the app and soon there will be great content

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I’m ready for V2 as well. A lot of my friends tell me my snap stories area hilarious, and I’m hoping that I might get a couple of views off of some upcycled snap jokes.


I’m sure a majority of the users will be creators including myself. I just hope there will be quality content for me to watch though. I’m getting tired of watching vine compilations on repeat onYouTube.


Me too bro. I was on the old vine and I had like 240k followers…It was great.


I can’t wait until it comes out hopefully I can be sucessful on the app looking forward to v2 and 2018 will be a good year :heart:

Around where I live (London/England) no one is really excited and many people are shock when I tell them about v2 so I guess not a lot from the Uk? I’m defiantly thinking of creating content though :slight_smile:


Being the self-conscious person I am, I’m probably just gonna lurk around and enjoy everyone’s fresh new content


100% going to be making content for V2

I think that this revival of Vine is coming at the perfect time. Look up Vine compilations on Youtube. There are ones posted within the last few days with over a million views. There’s a lot of nostalgia for Vines going around and there’s not any alternative for what Vine offered.
Vine was purely for the fun of it. It doesn’t suit any other purpose than having fun. It doesn’t work well as a place for news or vlogging. Brands don’t fit well within Vine either, so it offers people an escape from the over commercialized feel of all other social media.
I think that people will move to v2 in the masses. There’s going to be the toxicity of “those” creators, but it sounds like a priority for v2 is making sure that users can filter those people out if that’s what they want to do.


waiting for the memes to come back

I plan on making content, however, not for fame tbh. I just enjoy making people laugh and having fun so I figure why not bring that to V2? I’m sure some people will enjoy it haha!

I’m very excited for the release. I really think it will be very successful seeing that so many people realized how great Vine was after it was gone.


Like I said I was on vine. I had a great support from my followers and even had one brand deal for “sneakers”. I would love to be back on v2 like back in the days.

INSTAGRAM: @thekovacevic

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At Its peek Vine (1) had around 200 million monthly users. The apps rating was 4.7 / 5 at closure, with many people getting bored of vine, so theoretically when v2 arrives people who left vine will be like “ oh I remember that, I enjoyed it” and redownload it so most likely 200,000,000+

EDIT: Why is V.I.N.E. 2 marked as profanity


When I started to post vines few weeks after I heard that they are shutting down…
And now it’s back I’m sure that I’m going to utilize this 6 seconds

Using V.I.N.E is probably called a profanity because they don’t want any copyright claims from Twitter. Even though the apps going to be fairly similar, they won’t want to be sued @BrodieDoesVine2

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You’ve said the holy words. Only the holiest of holy’s can speak of… that…

Same the vine compilations are getting old…