Error: something went wrong

not sure if this is a bug so i post this here first.

  • was experimenting one tiny shot at a time (inspired by @iregier’s byte) from the app camera, so i had to tap, tap and tap. left it unfinished.
  • left the app and went back to view other bytes.
  • continue tapping to add more shots.
  • up to a point i can preview, i did. this was fine.
  • wanted to add more shots, so i backed and kept tapping.
  • tried previewing again and now got this error.
  • deleted the recent shots and previewed again. same error.

did i now lose all of the shots i collected earlier? :scream::cold_sweat::pleading_face:


same thing happend with me :confused: I’ve lost my previous bytes

have look at this


okay, i deleted the collected shots then :sob:

tried a couple of things.

  • captured just a few shots and produced the byte. fine.
  • captured many small shots (tried 11). got this error.

thought it worked alright before (probably before the recent update).