Englahour // GMTea

Tea and Crumpets fine gentlemens and gentlewomans.
Heres to all my england people.
Post something english.


Always saying sorry should be stopped


jaffa cakes r bomb
the people on jeremy kyle are scum
crisps and crumpets r banging

that rhyme was rang tanging
jaffa cakes are bad

Dinner and lunch are the same
Tea is what you eat in the evening

It’s not fun to be in a queue
We should always say sorry
It’s rains too much and gets really hot in summer

…no sam…

dinner and lunch are different, tea is a drink or a replacement for dinner


breakfast -> lunch -> dinner


Wrong dinner and lunch are both ate in the afternoon tea is ate in the evening and tea is drank all day long

double fact

northerners are the most upsidedown people in the country ;$

North > South

south > north

Cheeky Nandos

It’s Breakfast > Lunch > Tea :man_shrugging:

I hope this is english enough for you.

Its too english

Ennit bruv

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