Engagement Megathread

:exclamation: There is a new algorithm in the current app update. We will update this post once it has rolled out to everyone, but in the mean time you can read the details here: Algorithm Changelog (ongoing)

Hey all!

We’ve been noticing a bunch of threads around engagement, which is obviously a huge and important topic in the world of byte. To better organize around this topic, and to keep the forums digestible for everyone, we’ve decided to create this megathread to focus on everything related to engagement. It will stay pinned to the top of the forum so that it can live on for a long time.

So what’s this thread for? Two things:

  1. Questions about engagement. This is a place to ask questions about engagement, where both we and other forum members can chime in and help clear things up. We will also maintain a list of the most common questions that come up and keep them updated in this thread.

  2. Tips and ideas about engagement. This is also a place to share your tips and ideas! We will similarly maintain a list here of good suggestions or points (with attribution, of course) so that people can find them easily.

Because of the nature of this thread, we ask that you keep engagement conversation here. If we see new topics about it, we will probably hide them and gently remind you to post here instead. :slight_smile:

Let’s get right into it!

Common Questions

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How do I get more engagement?

There are a bunch of ways (including just getting lucky), but the best way we’ve found is to engage with others and keep posting. Let’s break this down:

  1. Engage with others. Although we’re working on algorithm changes, the way that byte is structured right now means that one of the best way to get your work seen by others is to be in contact with others to begin with. Every person that you’re in touch with is another person who is “on your side,” who is more likely to see your work and like it, rebyte it, or share it. And the more this happens, the more likely it is to reach others.

Important note: You should avoid joining “engagement groups” that exist solely to like or rebyte. The algorithm changes that we are working will mitigate the effectiveness of this method, and will likely have a negative impact on your own byte experience.

  1. Keep posting. Exploration on byte currently focuses on recency above all else. This means that many pbytes lose their reach shortly (~1-2 days) after they’re posted. Although we will be switching to a model that dramatically reduces the focus on recency, there are still a bunch of good reasons to keep posting:
    • you’re building up a repertoire of bytes that people can check out when they discover you
    • there are more chances to practice and get better (don’t forget to ask for a critique in our Critiques category if this is something you’re interested in)
    • you never know when you might get lucky :slight_smile:
How does the algorithm work?

There isn’t one algorithm, but most of our discovery algorithms currently focus on new posts (1-2 days) and how many likes they’re accruing in a short window of time.

We are currently working on major algorithm improvements that should change this significantly.

Some algorithms (e.g. Your Mix) and sections (e.g. Spotlight, which is curated) do not follow these rules and are good indicators of some of the other options we’re exploring.

The best way to keep up with our algorithms and algorithm changes is to check our algorithm changelog, where we keep track of every significant change we make.

Why are my numbers going down?

We launched Byte only very recently (less than 3 weeks ago at the time of this post) and are still settling from a launch that received a lot of attention. Many people joined the app just to “check it out” and will likely not come back for some time. Others have decided to use the app on a more regular basis—like once every few days, or a few times a month. The launch day numbers aren’t “real” and we’re likely still a little bit away from “real” numbers.

Once this correction has taken place, we expect that over time the improvements we make to the app and an ever-increasing amount of great content will help the app grow in a natural way.

Because of how early it is, NOW is actually a great time to use Byte—especially as a creator.

P.S. Here’s a screenshot from a Google Image Search that visually represents the progression from launch, to settlement, to real growth, in a fun way. :wink:

Tips from the Community


Not really a question about engagement but more so how to see it. Assuming an analytics page will exist at some point for seeing things like % of people who follow from a byte, breakdowns of following by different metrics etc, would this type of information be made available to everyone, or maybe just users from the creator program? I know on instagram it’s only for businesses, but I think a lot of people would make use of it on byte


DONT take other people’s ideas and say they are your own
DO collab with other creators who post similar things to what you post
DO follow me @dontbytecater :wink: (sorry I had too)
Also respond to those who comment! Build a community :slight_smile:


Yes, we’d like to create a dashboard. :slight_smile: This is probably a few months off at least, but it is important. I think the big reason this is only available to businesses on some platforms is because it can be pretty “expensive” to compute for every single person, but we could likely put it behind a threshold that’s pretty low.


On the topic of getting a greater engagement; When it comes to the internet and getting recognized, luck is the biggest factor. Along side with decent or good content with the shear size of social media apps make it incredibly hard to get your work out there and seen. There is no method or cheat to bypass this and blow up over night alone, but If you keep doing what you are doing you’ll have greater odds of getting somewhere than waiting for likes and stressing about when’s the best time to post. In my experience with “viral” content, never once did I think the project I was working on would go “viral,” I was just making content to make content.

Edit: I quote “viral” because I genuinely hate the word. It’s a relative term someone with 15 million followers wouldn’t consider 7 million views as “viral,” but to someone with 1k followers 7 million views would be life changing for that individual.


“the trough of sorrow” on the graphs lmaooo


A question for anyone who has had their post “blow up”. How many followers did you have before you posted that and did the likes come in at once or spread out?


Quality content is always much appreciated by any community. It may not get the attention it deserves from the start; but it WILL be seen, and the right person might come across it and decide to share. I also can’t stress enough how simply engaging and watching other creators videos has also helped introduce a whole different group of individuals that I now talk to on a regular basis which gives a chance for my content to be seen more as well. Keep creating!!!


Here is a little bit of advice from someone who manage to grow a YouTube channel to 100,000 subscribers in two years from nothing.

Interact with your audience!
They are the lifeblood, the ones who come back and like your videos each time. They help you with the algorithm too. So many creators treat platforms as a place to dump their videos and walk away and expected to all workout. No, those people are the exception if it does. You are part of the “product,” and when an audience has an easier time interacting with you, it means a lot to them.

Being able to collaborate is extremely valuable. Not just to make friends with other creators, and not just to audience share, but also to give users on the platform more people they may enjoy to keep coming back for as well. Byte is new, there are not a lot of established people. That is slowly changing, but never feel like you can only collaborate with people who make videos like you. BRANCH OUT! The videos are only six seconds. The more types of content that do well on this platform, the more kinds of people it will appeal to. The biggest YouTubers do not JUST stick in their genre for collaborations.

Be active!
The more videos* you make, the more relevant you will be. I stopped uploading on YouTube to finish my college degree and it shot my channel. Even smaller videos would have done wonders. Not everything has to be a home run, but you miss every ball you don’t make a swing for. I did a fact about Pineapples and dogs sneezing here, I did not think they would be home runs, but people loved them and they were! If I said “no” it would have lost the large growth they gave me.

Be unique.
What makes you different from the other people. It’s easy for me being one of the only EDU people on Byte, but having a style that is unique to you will pull you apart from the pack. How you do that, you will need to think about. But it can be what keeps you in the minds of people.

I love seeing what smaller creators are doing. Talking to them and being honest and thoughtful when interacting with them will often bring them your way. My YouTube and Byte got off the ground from me leaving comments on smaller accounts videos, and having a real conversation with the people. Some people here do this, but they just leave simple comments that are clearly just to get them to look at your stuff rather than build some sort of real connection. Connections matter.

There is a lot to unpack. Byte is just getting on its feet. I did not depend on the YouTube algorithm when I got started. I did the hard work of forming real connections with people. That is how you create real long lasting growth.


Will there be hashtags or some other way to segment content to make it easier to find?


Much appreciated dom! And people looking for more engagement should definitely aim to get their friends, co-workers, etc to support their posts. That will help boost their reach further if it hits new & trending, popular now or spotlight.




I feel like I have a problem with engagement, so far I’ve tried a lot of times during the day, and it can quite differ depending on the time. For instance I live in Sweden and for me to have the best engagement with the largest audience it would require me to post at around 2-3 AM for it to actually reach a larger audience. I have a handful of followers but only around 10% of them actually click like on my content and around 60% watch my bytes, usually even lower than that.

I don’t know what the reason is for this but it might be that everyone is following everyone at this point and I sort of get left out in the void of mass followings lol. The more big byters with thousands of followers seem to hit a consistent rate since they are more established than a smaller byter.

And also luck, sometimes to ”blow up” you only really need one good rebyte it’s usually not in your hands when it comes to that.


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Hey @dom,

Thanks for creating this.

It helps me to understand the whole Byte engagement thing a bit more.


Thanks for this thread, your hard-working doesn’t go unnoticed in my eyes :rocket:


At this point I’m just posting because it’s fun. I’ve noticed not many people ever really see my bytes. I’d still rather be here than on that other app :alarm_clock::roll_eyes:


Thank you taking the time share your experience with us. I appreciate your emphasis on building connections rather than approaching things in transactional way.


What happens if the whole apps is doing this, I’d say 70% of creators does :thinking: