Engagement Bots Already?

Why are there so many bots already? This is what destroys platforms and the algorithm. I don’t get it. I don’t understand why people can’t just have fun with the app instead of this quest of becoming popular and famous. Targeting bots are annoying already. :confused::confused:


Yeah staff is trying to stop the bytes, hopefully there are less now but its a small staff vs the internet so its going to be tricky to stop for now. So the selling and spam bots are yikes for right now, but eventually itll stop. Just hope it doesnt ruin the hype for others.


I think we should all do our part and mark these accounts as spam, especially if you are in beta


They honestly should put a comment cool down. Cause the bots are instant.


The byte team is already working hard to squash the bot problem, and we have to keep in mind we JUST released. They’re a small team so the progress so far is great


Very Cool @emir


@dom not a backend or software engineer but if you need app admins for moderation i’d love to apply for job and help out. :slight_smile:

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Right now I’m doing my part by blocking these when I come across them. I

I’m also blocking people that have unironically posted bytes like
“I wanna be famous, can we make that happen?”
“I wasn’t famous on tiktok so I came to be byte famous here”
“I wanna be byte famous so give me likes”

Some people may think blocking them is harsh. But everyone wants to be famous, and some people at least have comedy or artistic talent, and I rather watch those and help them become famous without these other leeching attention


those promo comments are super annoying, glad you can delete them though. there should be a rate limit for commenting.


there is! it’s actually pretty aggressive and took out a good number of the bots from yesterday, but the remaining bots are cunning. we’re working on other countermeasures now


I just posted a byte and within the same second I clicked the arrow three bots commented at the same time. I’ve seen alot of bots over the years online but these are something different.

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@dom if you’re listening, I recommend including obfuscated code that is only in the byte app that identifies the byte app vs api spammers, im surprised the api got exposed so quickly

plz hire me :joy:

Can you / how do you mark an account as spam? I didn’t find any option to flag or report an account when looking for that feature

You said it perfectly yo. So many clout chasers out there that just want likes and follows with nothing to back it up. They dont even post they jus ask ppl to follow them all day. Like stats are all that matter :confused:

Currently, most of them are gone now :slight_smile:

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thanks so much

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@Minx right it’s like bruh

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Trying to get in contact with the @Byte security team.

My company, PerimeterX, protects the largest web & mobile providers from malicious bots. Happy to speak with the team around our 1-day SDK implementation.

How are people making bots on a mobile only app with no API?