Engagement and Verification?

My username on Byte is @MikeGigande and I notice that I and other hard working creators are not getting the Engagement that others are getting and we work really hard at thinking of ideas and coming up with new content to post. I feel like my account and other accounts are being Shadow Banned and we are not getting to the big Audience we would like it to Reach. I just wanted to put this out there just too see if I’m not the only person that’s going through this.

Also, This is just a question but how does a person like myself get Verified on Byte ?


From my knowledge, Byte hasn’t shadow banned anyone as of yet. So you’re in the clear there. Engagement overall has gone down due to the removal of bots, and people’s schedules. I would just continue making good content and doing it consistently. :slight_smile:

As of right now, there is no verification on byte. There’s no badge or anything for it. All those you may see on some accounts are fake and are put their by the user. :slight_smile: hope this helps!


Be patient. If your content is good, and you are saying that you put a lot of effort into it, then it should happen. But you can’t expect it to happen in 2 weeks. We know due to tiktok’s system people are used to the idea of overall fame, but that’s not how it normally works… anywhere.

Keep putting out good content, and eventually your audience should find you


OHHHHH BROTHERRRR :man_facepalming:t4: just work harder man and be patient


yeah , like said above , 2 weeks in , unless you had a audience anywhere else , you aren’t gonna be top of the top , and being at the top of the top , doesn’t come quick either , so even though it’s so over used and said , you gotta stay consistent .


Verification: all beta testers got the beta testers icon. If you join the creator program before the app publicly launched, you will have that. Otherwise, you wouldnt have that icon. Some people treated that as verification, but it is not the official way. Not sure what the plan from byte yet.

Engagement: unless you bring audience from twitter or ig with lots of followers. Also these influencers’ followers are using byte because of them. Many of them are not to using byte new content or new influencers. So it is a bit hard to get to the top.


New creators need to grind it out untill the new algorithm update which sounds like it will promote vids more consistently. I noticed after gaining regular followers liking and rebyting my vids it became easier. But I worked hard early on with content and follower engagement. In the beginning, the more you engage with others and seek out and like content the more love you get back…


I agree