Encryption of Videos on V2

Important Request by me. So we’re all aware of the Vine Compilation channels on Youtube that download vines from other peoples’ accounts by using a downloader or something. Is it possible for @dom and the team to create some kind of heavy encryption so that only the creators can download their own vines, and post their own Compilations on YouTube? That way, we could stop cruddy, greedy people getting money and recognition from other V2ers work. Hopefully this could really help! also I guess some people could choose to make their Videos encrypted. like always, Feel Free to share your thoughts! :grinning:


they will probably end up using a screen recorder


Is there no way to prevent that? Also, the quality of sound and visual would probably be lowered. It could also just get some people away from creating V2 compilations of other people.

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Well people can use screen recorders on their computers and there would be no loss of video/audio


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We’ve talked about how to prevent videos from being uploaded, or downloaded then reuploaded so it was definitely a hard issue to tackle

Encryption might be a key to fixing this, though I’m not sure how much critical thinking is needed to make it happen

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Cool, Thank You! I really find this to be a good way to help.

I guess that could be right. But that still eliminates some people who won’t put effort into doing so. It could help, atleast in a minor way. I do have hopes for this though

It may impact people who want to share their own V2 content to their other platforms, but it would actually be better if it wasn’t allowed, since those platforms would allow the same behavior we’re trying to fix

Like @FaizalDawx said, people will probably end up just using a screen recorder. Unfortunately, nowadays whatever you put on the internet can be tampered with, whether being encrypted or not. the best thing you can do is just ask people not to reupload it.
I suppose if you had the full copyright to a video, you could copyright a person for reuploading it, but even that would be a pain considering the copyright system on places like YouTube at the moment

I kind of think it’s a good thing that people post compilations on youtube. It spreads the app around and helps the creator get more success (things like: ‘Lele Pons best vinecomp’, ‘King Bach top 100 vines’, ‘DeStorm best vines December 2015’) etc…

If anything I’d say that those videos just shouldn’t be able to be monetized. However even that can be stopped at a length. There are tons of compilation videos out there that are being created because the creators are making money off of it. For example FailArmy, or channels that post compilations of the best pranks every month.

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind someone making £5 a year off of my videos, if someone created a compilation of my videos, I can claim that video and make all the money off of it, whilst it still being up.

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Can copyright the audio and take it down like Instagram


Hmm, didn’t know about that. Thanks for letting me know :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s actually pretty smart! But many people have said that they just watched vine comps on Youtube, and never really got around to using the actual vine app. smart though.

You could always copyright strike someone who’s monetizing compilations of your vines, couldn’t you?

Sadly it’s almost impossible. Unknowingly I was able to record full hd and audio, Netflix shows using some cheap capture card. People will always find a way to record videos (Ex. Using a high quality camera to record). I forgot the name of it but there is video encryption software that coders can use to prevent screen recording

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Encryption can and will only protect against people accessing it who are unauthorized from doing so (i.e. anyone who didn’t upload the video wouldn’t be able to get the original or access a user account). Screen recordings are still entirely possible and quite frankly inevitable. Even if v2 were to black out the screen during screen recordings like Netflix does, that still won’t prevent people from connecting to a computer.

The best way to combat unethical distribution, both in and outside of vine is to allow it. Revining, like retweeting, makes it much less likely that someone would blatantly steal another user’s content. A great feature I’ve seen implemented in newer social media apps I’ve tested professionally is an auto-watermarking feature, which automatically places a non obtrusive watermark with the user’s handle or the name of the service in a corner of a photo or video whenever it is screen recorded, a screenshot is taken, or it is shared outside of the platform. Users can opt to remove the feature from their entire account or specific posts. v2 could implement this as another safeguard to potentially deter sharing at least without credit to the artist. One last suggestion, v2 could allow users to display a license or copyright notice in the details of their profile, not a highlight of the profile however, but still accessible.

But, back to the topic of encryption, a fully encrypted platform is becoming a must for internet services, and even if it isn’t necessarily used to combat stealing of content, it is still incredibly important for all online activities. Encryption is a must.

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Wow, nice info!! Really hope that something of the sort is passed through

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