Encouraging more Creator Activity on Byte

I don’t know about you all, but lately its been harder and harder to be on byte longer than a few minutes a day because no matter what time of day I go on, there isn’t a lot of new content coming in- resulting in me seeing the same bytes a few times over.

I think one of the reasons that made Vine and makes TikTok so addicting is the constant stream of new content. SO, that being said, I was trying to brainstorm some ideas to encourage more activity. For Example

  • Having temporary featured categories again is a great way to spark inspiration/ push people to post (and I know a lot of you want this back too)

  • Green screen challenges! REMEMBER WHEN EVERYONE WAS DOING THOSE A FEW MONTHS BACK?! Those collabs are fun and are a great way to find new people to follow!

  • Video contests (with a possible cash prize) I think it would be super cool if the official byte team were to host different themed video contests, and the creator of best one (or few) get a cash prize. Byte has been really adamant about paying their creators and this could a neat way to let people know that (partners would be excluded from contests)!

Let me know what you think, and feel free to add any ideas you have here too!


Not sure what you mean by more content , Daily vids is good, but any more than that hurts vids views, the older vids get seen less for the newer content. But I still agree, alt accounts are good for extra content. Also. The content is there, but the app doesn’t show them for long, sometimes you have to take a deep dive to discover new active users.


As a community we can do all those ideas, without the app making them featured. #tags can be searched. I’m not a fan of money prizes but maybe a top ten list. People love being on lists👍


alt accounts is a great idea! sometimes its nice to have a second account for a more specific interest of yours or something. I find no matter how many people I follow I’m still not seeing everything. You are right, as a community we could make all of those ideas happen


Lost my train thoughts, wanted to respond to this post but forgot what I was going say

I’m pretty people are still active or still around but it’s hard to tell. When Limited-Time Category or Hashtag thing was around many were active, now since that is gone some aren’t as they were.

I like your ideas to get us to be more attached to the app. I like contest but I think that’s too so soon, but that would be cool for a major update!


I definitely notice the decrease in engagement on the app. Today, dom dropped another amazing update on the app, which looks incredible.

I wish we can run the #featuredpages and some sort of contests, like you suggest, until August. Keep the current creators happy and motivated on the app, while the team is working on amazing effects, filters, algorithm, and more.

In August, we have to market Partners’ Program that partners get paid in Byte. Dom mentioned he is not ready to spend millions of dollars on marketing yet. It’s fine, we can start with having BuzzFeed, NowThis, TechNow, and other Video Journalism companies to write visual articles about Byte, as a journalism marketing, especially when the unemployment rate is going high day by day, people want to find ways to make money while doing something fun, so Byte can appeal as a great way.


Participate in @LNBB on fridays


Limited time category is a must and it shakes up what users will be seeing/posting on the daily. However, I’m not so sure about the money contests. I know there is the partner program, but when you put money on the line lots of people either buy into it or don’t want to be near it. Toxicity levels up while community levels down in most scenarios. Great idea nonetheless, but I just wouldn’t want to see this app become all about money :smile:


Contests for money wouldn’t be a great idea just like you said, I guess we have to wait for the Partners program to kick in in August.

I do believe Byte has to market and advertise the Partner’s program in August, that will be a big boost for the app because no other apps are doing it.

Youtube is the only platform on Earth where people get paid for their creativity, Byte will become another one.


I agree! Would deff like to see marketing and advertising take place, but Byte management keeps insisting that it is too early and would be a waste of money to market the app anytime soon :eyes: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


well the app is technically still in beta.


Late night byte brigade is a contest that already happens on byte. I just found out about it.


See the #noseson challenge I posted. We could easily do it, and it could lead to more positive attention for byte.

I’ve done PR work before.

Just throwing :moneybag: at ads has minuscule impact compared to positive Word of Mouth. Do something good to help kids, help byte, and feel good doing it. :tada:

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Care to share more info about it?! :eyes:

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I don’t know much but here’s the profile link https://byte.co/LNBB


I agree on bringing back the special limited time categories but I also agree with @electronicant78 that too many posts can hurt a videos view count. Other than an alt account I wish there was a way that the videos uploaded on the limited category didn’t mess with the view counts of your last byte.

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More activity? What if more people post nonsense like I do? Ya’ll ain’t gonna be happy 'bout dat :laughing:

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More content will come over time as more people come to the app. With the new channel update coming, I think there will be more variety to take a look at as compared to seeing the same thing over and over again. For me, I get tired of seeing the same thing over and over again, so you need to take it upon yourself to search out new content from creators. Sometimes it’s fun, but sometimes I want to just be able to hop on and see different content without having to go on that deep dive. I could just be looking in the wrong places, who knows.


I definitely go on deep dives often as well to find new creators (that are hopefully active). I guess I just wanted us thinking about ways to keep creators active who have already made an account and who might be going through a decrease in motivation or creativity.

I can understand how posting a lot on one account will affect your personal view count, but if thats your worry than you are probably not having issues with motivation and creativity (when it comes to posting on byte)- this post is about finding ways to possibly inspire activity from creators who aren’t as active anymore (for a variety of different reasons I’m sure).

Basically, my hope is that creators will eventually (and yes I understand that the byte team isn’t focused on marketing right now, but luckily all of these ideas DON’T have a date on them!) be able to open the app and see different ways for their creativity to be challenged and spark inspiration to create something awesome.


The new channels update helps inspiration tremendously for me.

The your mix is :man_cook: :kiss: now imho.

If you still need inspiration, I’m trying to get my fellow byters to do the #noseson challenge for Red Nose Day in May 21 :wink: