Going to be honest here, I had a blast when byte first came out!! But lately, I’ve just not been feeling the incentive to create any new bytes…maybe its the climate in today’s world idk. Anyone else experiencing this or am I just solo here? :laughing:
If you have any words of encouragement please drop them down below because I may not be the only one who needs to read them! :smile:


It’s always hard coming up with new content everyday, so I don’t blame you for feeling unmotivated to post. Sometimes a little break helps u get more creative when you come back on the app :upside_down_face: Also talking to other creators from the app really helps out :ok_hand:


Seems to be a common theme among many creators.

Here’s my approach:

  1. don’t over release in a huge batch- space them out - we only release once per day but we have many in the pipeline (20+)
  2. watch the trends and what works on the platform and play that to ur strength that works for ur channel.

As a side note, I run many marathon races every year, and I know Byte is not a sprint - pace it out cause u will get lows during the process, but it will always reverse and have an upswing.

Good luck and have a bless day, Henry :blush:


For me I have tons of ideas generating in my head every day — I literally have hella content lined up as well as ready to be uploaded. My advice would to find a hobby or watch videos to get inspired sometimes movies help.

Another tip is to reach out to your favorite creator on content who are consistent and seek for advice. Explore your niche and don’t limit em’. I reached out @ByrnesEffect to seek advice and he’s has inspired with creativity randomness :love_you_gesture:t4:

Also what @HenryAndEmma wrote is a great pro tip :zap:


It’s okay. I get into lulls all the time. If you’re going about your day, having a conversation, and something strikes you- write it down. I always do that. Even if the content is too long for a byte, still write it down and you can go through and draw inspiration from it later. My latest byte was taken from something I wrote down a while ago that I had joked about in a class in a long John Mulaney style rant.

Even if you think something funny may not fit into a byte, write it down, it may serve a purpose later


This is good advice. Wish I could have that many prepared in advance.

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These are all great tips and words of encouragement.


I mean I post when ever I want, sometimes too much. But when an idea pops into my head I do it. Some of them might not be the best but some of them are hits. If I can’t do it at the time I write it down. I would recommend doing what makes you happy.

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It is what works for us in terms of life outside of creating content- u always want to give something to ur channel every day or few days - don’t let it go stagnant. But you don’t want to overwhelm and post too much as well. 1-2 times a day works best for us - recently, we only have been doing once. :blush: