Encouragement for Creators

I feel that I need to say this because I’ve seen a lot of downers on the forum telling people who have the goals of gaining a following on the app that it’s less likely to happen. But this statement goes for anything you want to do in life:

When people try to downplay your dreams because they’ve never heard of such innovation before or it seems “rare”, just remember:

It’s “never happened” until it happens. And you could be the first to do it.

Believe it or not, it may have been a few years ago but we will continue to progress and find new ways of putting ourselves out there. Social media is in it’s very early stages in the past couple years and anything is possible. You just have to work for it. :stuck_out_tongue: Do not sit in your room dreaming it,…

"Just do it." (Shia Labeouf voice)


I personally haven’t noticed any comments like that, but if it is happening then good for you.


Well, it’s not good is happening but gotta stay optimistic! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Those comments are my fuel !!! Gasoline prices are to high for me to go to the station! Why not hope on my social media and look at all the doubtful downers :man_shrugging:t2:


Yep, you’ll never know what could’ve been if you never try

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