Emoji Game

How this game works

  1. Reply with emojis

  2. the last emoji they used, you have to use that emoji in your reply:

For example:

Reply 1


Reply 2


  1. winner is the last post when byte app officially launches

Keep it PG

I’ll start:




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:sunglasses::cowboy_hat_face: Post most be at least 8 characters

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:cowboy_hat_face::star_struck:. 8 characters

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:star_struck::money_mouth_face:blah blah blah 8 characters now

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:money_mouth_face::heart_eyes: (8char)

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:heart_eyes::man_shrugging: (8char)

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:red_car: :sailboat: (8char)

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:sailboat: :monkey: (8char)

:monkey::chipmunk: (squirrel!)

Do squirrels like peanuts

:peanuts: :pencil2: :dog: :cat: