Embedding bytes on other socials

For example, here’s an example on reddit of how some video hosts can be embedded:

Note the play button, which opens the media insite. However the way bytes are set up doesn’t allow for this for some reason:

Here’s a thread that kinda discusses it if it helps.

Just a small thing, but I think it would help with sharing bytes as people tend to prefer clicking embeds over direct links. Thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT: Having direct link options (.mp4 or however they’re stored) would be really helpful as well.


Oh like actually being able to watch the video on the platform. That would be cool but for now I think they would prefer you watch the videos on the official site or app for now because they are trying to get people over there first. Then once they get the users they need they might add a feature like this after. Marketing 101 gotta have users first and a good product your comfortable with before you go and start marketing.


I post on Reddit not familiar w/ it but this would an awesome feature :love_you_gesture:t4:


This would require work on the destination site – Reddit in this case. Byte already offers meta tags that provide the url to the video file itself, so it’s up to the destination site to implement an embed with that information.

EDIT: This might be made a bit easier if Byte had some official guidance on video embeds, but it looks like they’re just using a standard HTML5 <video> embed so :man_shrugging: .

EDIT EDIT: I’ve seen videos start to play natively when sharing a link in Discord. Maybe there were some meta tag updates? :thinking: