Elon Musk made a Flamethrower

Elon Musk aka the real Tony Stark has escalated his business from selling hats to selling A FREAKING FLAMETHROWER :open_mouth:

Here is the website where you can pre order now. If you are in the U.S this is legal to buy. (assuming you are of legal age)

Here is a video of Elon himself playing with this new toy.

Here is a photo of the flamethrower.
(p.s, yes i have it in my cart :shushing_face:)


I think this need it’s own section Off-Off-Topic


Errrrm cool?

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What :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Elon gotta chill lol

I dont understand

The dude’s rich he just makes whatever now I guess, we should be expecting a jetpack anytime soon :wink:

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LOL omg. xD

It would make a great weapon for a zombie apocalypse.

It’s a LOOONGGG story trust me xD.

He’s literally opposite of chill. I have no idea what could be next :neutral_face:

It’s a very very long story lol.

It’s not that he is rich. He will give us things that we didn’t know we needed in our lives such as a boring hat and now a boring flamethrower lmao.

I Know! I think the jetpack is coming, after he makes the hyperloop transportations between major cities

Correction: After he figures out teleportation :joy:

Hahaha okay … i have time if you wanna tell hahah

Debating on making the purchase. I got money to spare.

Worst case scenario it resells for a profit right? :grimacing:

Our boy Elon is trying to make The Boring Company the most UN-Boring company in the world

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Update: Just made the purchase. R.I.P my bank account

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a modified flame thrower