Elon Musk cyborg dragon

Elon Musk tweeted that he was going to build a cyborg dragon! Any thoughts?:joy:


When can I buy one?

Wouldn’t put it past him. Dude is an inspiration and insanely creative

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whoaaaa, he’s incredíble

Plot twist It’s just mark zuckerburg

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I think he’s trying to outdo the robot lizard.

This Elon Musk…is something else…first the car to space…then flamethrowers…I’m pretty sure he ain’t playin bout the dragon cyborg

i’m ready. where do i purchase one?


Wait a second. If the dragon is Cyborg, doesn’t that mean that he has to use an actual dragon?!

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He’s a genius so this is genius’s work

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first we colonize mars then we colonize dragons smh

I wouldnt put it past him :joy:

Yeah idk what goes through his head sometimes😂

Yeah I wish he would focus on SpaceX more😐

that’s the reason why tesla’s shareholders are trying to remove him from chairman position :joy: