Educate, Prioritize, Speak Out

We all know what’s happening. We’re all on social media. The revolution is on a constant live feed. With that being said, now is the time to voice your anger. Use the platforms provided for you and be on the right side of history.

READ READ READ and educate yourself on movements of oppressed groups of the last 100 years. Use your privilege to become an ally, not an accomplice. Further the conversation in a human manner and take the time to understand people’s struggles before you comment on them. The system is broken, and kind-hearted people need to rise up to speak against it. Change comes with unity. Shout it out: BLACK LIVES MATTER.


I can smell the ignorance within THIS community and it’s sad! They need to realize that the riots aren’t happening after just the murder of George Floyd but it happens because this has been like this forever and it’s not ending, and as a result the riots are happening because nobody’s listening to them! Like Martin Luther King jr. once said “A riot is the language of the unheard,” and he ain’t wrong.

Don’t be ignorant and start doing something so that all people feel safe and welcome in the US and all around the world, ignorance is the very least this world needs right now! Don’t be afraid to shout “BLACK LIVES MATTER”, no matter if you’re a Democrat, Republican or from another party!


White silence has to end or our country will continue to regress. I am fearful of the future. I am not concerned about 2020 as much as I am about 2065, 2100, 3000… you name it. We change NOW to have a better LATER.