Editor's Picks

I believe this was a feature in Vine and would be a great feature in Byte. On the Explore/Search page, having a section called “Editor’s Picks” would be another great way to discover new and high-quality Bytes on the daily.


I would also think that later on if they add a “on the rise” that can change every couple hours, maybe everyday that shows trending creators or something.


Aren’t these kinda just the pop 1 pop 2 and 4 u pages refreshed faster?

I mean a specific creator that gets put in on the rise like how “for your consideration” is made.

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Okok that makes more sense. What if there were a way to customize it per user? Say I like a bunch of post from anime but you like a bunch from comedy so ours would be different. To help spread more bytonians around the app instead of everyone is “recommended” the same 20 till a refresh?

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For the moment, whatever shilly or dom rebyte are, in my opinion, editors picks lol


Then I guess it’s literally an editor’s pick imma carry on then

Yeah something of the sorts! Or something like a “on the rise” for each category.

I think on the rise like @armansingh would be better, editor’s pick would require staff’s attention which as you can tell they don’t have a big one at the moment.

First off. Welcome tiger :pray:
Second of all. I personally do not have a real opinion on these types of categories because I do not care for them but like I said

I believe this would be a nice addition personally

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Dom did say a while ago Editor’s Pick would become a thing on byte, so give it time i guess. :sunglasses::ok_hand: