EDITORS: Managing edits across social channels

Edits kind of started on Vine right? And although longer edits can be posted on Instagram, Insta kills the quality, the loop, and everything. How are other editors gonna manage Insta and V2?


I know people are saying they will stay on both!! Instagram is now a huge part of editing but I think many people will be happy to start posting on v2 again.


I definitely prefer Vine over Instagram when it comes to videos; such as edits or small skits. But I think the reason Vine was alive for so long was the fact that it had a short duration of six seconds and it was unbelievable what you could’ve done with that short amount of seconds. Plus, Vine offered actual looping (on iOS at least) and made it addicting to watch.


They should just use both if they want and try to keep their profiles connected through links and/or keeping the same username.

I mean its nice to have more than one platforms you just have to find a way

As someone who works out in the broadcast industry as a freelance cinematographer and editor it’s honestly not that hard to balance multiple projects at once, just make the files the correct resolution for whatever platform you are uploading to. Or be an OG and edit these new V2 videos right on your device.

Oof, you’re asking the real questions over here…I honestly don’t know since I got used to edit in a 30 fps frame rate for Instagram. It’s not like I’m an active editor anymore but I still feel conflicted w the frame rate thing :laughing: and with the fact that i have made LOTS of edits and now I want to post them on byte to be an active editor there.

It’s tough for me because I am used to Instagram but in my opinion, if we really want this to nOT DiE, I think I should stop posting on Insta to post my content on byte instead :heart_decoration: that would get the app more activity like on vine!!