Editing Advice?

I was initially editing mine only on my phone using a free app that left a watermark. But now I move all my raw footage to my computer via Google drive and edit on software that I paid one time for (filmora wondershare). While this may sound tedious, it also is easier because I brainstorm ideas or take notes as ideas come along and film/edit them later en masse. That way I spend a few days a week filming and editing and then I have multiple bytes ready to go whenever I want to post them. I work better when I have a routine.


It really depends on what you’re editing. If I want to make a video with no special captions or effects, then I have a video editor on my phone for convenience’s sake. Anything more demanding than that, I use my computer for. It especially helps to use your computer if you have a small phone screen (like me :expressionless:).

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This might sound counterproductive, but don’t overdo your edits. Like, don’t add too many unnecessary sound effects or distracting background music (I swear, if I see another byte with the f*cking Instagram thud!-)


:sob::sob: screaming – tru

Well, I can only answer this from an iOS user. I just film bits of a video, once I’m done filming, I turn the footage sideways, import them to iMovie, and do some editing stuffs in there. And once I export the video, I turn them back upright, and post them. If it involves awesome looking edits, then you can use the software suggested in this chat. Anyways, I hope that helps out.

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I am currently using Inshot and the windows 10 photo app which is surprisingly very good!

I would say one of the most important aspects is good lighting; you can have a solid edit game but it will lose impact if the lighting is horrid (unless that’s what you’re going for as a stylistic choice). I’m still trying to figure all this stuff out :joy: I’ve only been making videos since I joined byte and there are super talented people here who can offer more constructive help than I, but as an editing noob I have found that this makes a massive difference!


Using @Fookedonhonix 's advice, l revamped my editing approach last night. I still have lots to learn, but I’m happy with the first test trial.


I’m new at editing as well! I say keep learning and be patient with yourself. It takes time. You’ll get faster and better with time!