Edit caption option

Hey guys !
Recently I uploaded a byte and tagged another user who I wasn’t supposed to. Tried to edit the caption but realized there wasn’t one . !
Just a suggestion for a edit caption (option) on beta ?


Ask it on the last the post of Cami, maybe she can answer it in bulletin.


just as an update, we probably won’t have a true edit feature in for launch. we have “edit and repost” for comments and if that has been useful, we can likely do the same thing for bytes

we would like to do full editing in the future


! Looking forward :star_struck:

editing comments isn’t really that important/useful as compared to editing mistakes/typos with captions imo

like what could go wrong with allowing for example a 5 minute window to edit a caption immediately after posting a byte?

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it’s a technology issue, not a philosophical one. post immutability makes scaling simpler and that’s why you see it in most networks at the beginning. it took Instagram 4 years to add it. we’ve already committed to doing it and will do it before then

that said, edit and repost (which deletes the old comment and posts the edit as a new one) was added to comments first because there is an issue with 3rd party keyboards that made it very easy to accidentally submit a comment, which was very frustrating

the question is would this edit and repost behavior be useful for posts? because that would be a fairly simple workaround for us to add in the short term. the downside is you would lose any likes or comments your post has accumulated in the mean time, but with a 5 minute window maybe that’s not too bad


in my opinion, if there would be a repost, it won’t be useful. so not changing anything and staying like this is okay. Because some of people will try it without knowing repost and saw their posts deleted. It may cause a lot of problems.

People will learn the importance of topic after they get used to byte. If you can solve the not reposting just changing the topic then that’s okay buddy.


Last option with the 5 minute downside is totally worth it

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If the video is basically deleted and reposted just to edit the caption, I don’t think that’s a good implementation of caption editing because you’ll lose any views, likes or rebytes of that video. So you may as well just delete the video and repost it yourself so there’s no confusion about what’s happening.

But +1 for caption editing, it’s so easy to make spelling errors or forget to add something when posting a video.