Edit byte titles

Idk if this was a request yet, but I would love to have the ability to edit titles on bytes, cause I forgot to add a few words to mine recently and would love that feature now.


Part of me hates that I have to repost if I forgot or mispelled a hashtag I wanted to use. But I think that would get abused if it worked with hashtags.

I don’t see much wrong with fixing captions that don’t effect hashtags if that was an easy addition for the dev resources


this topic should get more attention as this is a really good idea and saves so much time

Yes please!!! Also if we could change categories pleeeaaase!! I have a lot of videos that now have a good category to go into but I don’t really want to repost


Personally I think being able to edit videos should be handled the same way people can edit the sound titles. Like being given a 15 min grace period where people can edit if they make a mistake.