Easy V2 Sharing Capabilities

Will V2 have an automatic share to any of the social media platforms, ie. Periscope & Twitter?

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I imagine it most likely would

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Im really interested in which one/s it will be.

I think it will probaby be the typical ones (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc) and some others thrown in there too

Probably! It would be an amazing idea. V2 may support Facebook, Instagram. Since the company is not associated with Twitter I doubt there would be a choice to send to Twitter. Possibly saving your Vine’s to your Camera Roll and then posting it to other Social Media’s will work. Great Thread Choice!

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Like I said in my other post…

I highly doubt Twitter will be associated

This could be like Instagram… you take your image - you then post it to your other social medias as long as you link your accounts to them.

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I agree that Twitter is unlikely. I would be happy with an Instagram pairing.

Agreed. Instagram will probably be one of the main social medias. I doubt Snapchat will be included though.

Yes, I just hope v2 has an easier repost option than Instagram, if they have a repost option.

Yeah - the Instagram one is a bit buggy. If I would like to post on my Instagram @callumimage and then switched on “post on Twitter” it never posts it. Same if I click “post on insagram” on twitter. Maybe V2 can make this difference?!

Super buggy plus you have to get one of those repost apps just to share on the site. Hopefully V2 will be more direct.

Yeah… hopefully no OEVO sharing… right?!

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Hahahaa, the new Vine? I dont know about that.

Yeah - there are many posts about it - like @Matty said. They wont be able to pay everyone within their database forever… can they? They may get money every time someone joins them.

Do you think V2 should release now or wait to see if OEVO takes off?

Launch Now - 100%

I don’t in particularly want to “Rush” the V2 app but OEVO could take off. People don’t want to wait a long time - myself I don’t mind but some are stubborn and will take their chance at “fame” in any way. Isn’t that what V2 is all about?! Waiting a while, learning how to make great vines with a large community, then becoming “famous?” This is why we love V2 - am I correct?!

I was just using it as an example as it’s one of the main social networking sites

I agree with you. I am willing to wait, but I am not pressed for anything like some artist who are ready to release their content immediately for whatever reason. I was not an artist on Vine but only a viewer. Now, I want to create and grow with the new platform as I also learn.

You sound just like me. With the newer and younger people around who are now older and are legally able to use these apps - we should try and create one - you never know, someday you could be a millionaire! People who are currently using OVEO and then join V2 when it launches are just messing with us.

Don’t forget - we will be the first to get the app! Maybe the first few people win something?! Get a crown?! This is because we have been supporting V2 the whole way!

Sorry - I completely don’t understand what you said… could you repeat it?!