Earning Basic made me feel like one of the girls <3

How many levels are there? Will winning more levels fill this void till V2 arrives like my prince in shining armor? Will we get our fairy tale ending? How long will V2 be locked away in the tallest tower? How long will it take for Taco Bell to get my order right? The harsh realities of the real world…


Read more about the badges to level up!! Glad you’re hyped!!


Answers to all these questions and more this Saturday night when John Cena takes on… an acting career! Only on WWE


Congrats my dude!

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A lot of questions, I will explode

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Record it for V2!

Thanks for the advice @jennifer I’m certified now! That was so much easier than getting an MD! :aww:

Look at this there are instructions for each badges and everything:

This threads are very helpful


Annnnnnnd congratulations hahaha :heart:️:heart:️:laughing:

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Grats! :smiley:

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