Duplicate posts being flagged

I’ve noticed that the amount of topics in all categories have halved in the last week or so, which is most likely due to duplicate posts being flagged.

I guess mostly everything has been covered on the forums, so should more duplicate posts be allowed? From my knowledge some duplicates have different takes on the same topics, allowing multiple angles on a situation

Of course this would only be to a certain extent, what do you guys think?

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Oh here’s a duplicate post lol


:joy: wow that’s ironic

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hahaha yeah the duplicate posts have decreased a lot from when I posted that. But I feel like the different takes should still be covered on the same post so people don’t have to write their ideas on multiple different but similar posts. It is possible to see multiple angles on a single post if people just reply with their own ideas about the subject.

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Right lol, but hey it proves My point that every post arbitrary this point is a duplicate :grin:

True but Maybe there are some people who don’t know how and where to find these similar ideas. Don’t know how that’s likely but you never know

When coming to a duplicate post I do this:

1- Give my opinion.
2- "Hey you should check this thread to get some more answers"
3- Don’t flag.
Why? Because at this point is people will feel attacked and unwelcome if I go to his topic and trow them in the face a:
“To reduce the amount of duplicated posts try going to these:”

I don’t know why the others can’t be a little more friendly and give their opinion and then give them the threads that may actually help them. Without blaming them for not searching before.

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I remember getting flagged for duplicating a post that had nothing in common D:


Very ironic, I can not stop laughing :rofl:

I dont like the duplicate it post but everyone cant make a mistake and not realize this