Dumbest Instagram Comments: Seabelts are BAD!

In the 1950s, Doctor C Hunter Shelden came up with the idea to create a safety belt for cars after much of his patients seemed to have been getting injured from cars, and was concerned for their safties. In 1966, congress passed the National Traffic and Motor Safety Act to have all cars carry out these safety standards… apparently some people are dumb enough to think that the government did this to make money. For some reason. Totally not for the safety for citizens to be safer in a big ass metal death trap.

I was scrolling through instagram and I saw a sponsored ad that basically was about remembering to wear your seatbelts. Yes, it was cringey, as most are, but it got its messagr across that it’s pretty much illegal to not wear a seatbelt, and also that it’s for your safety to wear a seatbelt, so either wear one or get a ticket or die from even simply driving 30 mph or injure yourself in a major way.


I went into a cesspool of people who apparently seem to really hate the seatbelt law, probably because theyve had to pay a fine and are bitching about it, but whatever. It was stupid to say the least, and I wanted to show you some of these comments.

Yes I do remember when we went into a cold war with those diddily darn Soviet Russia because they pulled out that seatbelt law, that was mostly the breaking point to end their socialist agenda. How is this have to do with politics in general or a political party? I dont get it. At all.

Motorcycles are basically bikes with a hint of death traps and that’s why alot of americans don’t really ride or own bikes. People ride them, and that’s their business, but they must probably be very experienced to ride them. But have you SEEN a motorcycle? Even if there was a seatbelt, I feel like that would still be more dangerous. The bike goes flying and next thing you know you are now one with a motorcycle.

The government literally made this a thing in 1966 to PROTECT THEIR CITIZENS! Why else would there be seatbelts? I’m sure it cost the government lots of money to actually do this also, but I doubt it isnt a conspiracy that they pull over people without seatbelts because $$$.


  1. Someone needs to fix kentucky to get this mad man OFF OUR STREETS!

  2. Oh god don’t use the ‘its my body not yours’ argument here, that doesn’t even make sense, guy. And an example? Look it up! There’s literally thousands of these recorded, probably more! WHAT TYPE OF ARGUMENT IS THIS ANYWAYS? I DONT- WHAT image
    On to the next one.![image|690x391]


  1. That’s just… stupid on a whole new level of stupid.
  1. Not a cashgrab, and they do care. Pretty sure firemen and policemen don’t find enjoyment going to someones house and saying “ayy ur kid died in an accident without a seatbelt, where my stacks now?”

I don’t think its extortion, but you probably should be handed a red wig and a squeaky nose for being the clown you are. Also, what are you a masochist? You should probably care about yourself when driving too unless if you really enjoy driving into things without a seatbelt and flying out the window and going ‘oh frick that was good :tired_face:’.

I hate myself for even typing that out…

Yeah, there should be a restriction probably on cigarettes, but there are PSAs on why cigarettes are bad for you, same for other drugs, which is mostly the government saying “hey stop that that hurts ur body” but the different is that this CAN hurt you. I’ve had people I’ve driven with that have told me “come on, you don’t need one of those on” and it was a peer pressure thing. With cigarettes also, kids learn from parents about their behavior and do what they do. So yes, this can hurt people like friends and loved ones.

Literally the person in the middle who had a spongebob profile pic was making more sense then any of these two people. Listen to spongebob man. He’s a man of culture.

The last one I just found funny. I just imagine someone flying out of a car saying WHOS GONNA STOP ME NOW?!

In conclusion: wear a seatbelt. You dips.


These people are in the same category of stupidity as anti-vaxxers.


My eyes are on fire


I feel like this shoulda been a Youtube video. lol

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I can’t make youtube videos

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I think some people are just very defensive and stubborn for the sake of it. I sort of agree that if you’re dumb enough to refuse a seat belt, you should definitely not wear one. Bye! But as for your kids, you really really should make them wear one.


People’s whining and complaining in the comments are just people, who had to pay a fine and that’s all People who posted that just have too much time on their hand