Duets in byte!

This is kind of a joke, kind of not but…

Do you think there should be duets in byte or just yourself creating funny videos?

I would love duets and I’m already tracer :heartpulse:

kidding :blush:

But yeah, what do you think?

-Nathan J

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Tracer, go back to your (clock sound) app.

About the duet feature:
I personally find stuff made with it irritating, mean (people making other people kiss their butts or even worse stuff), offensive and sometimes racist.

My personal idea is that… We shouldn’t get it.


Yeah, maybe it would cause some legal issues too.

already a thing on here

i hope not though. don’t want another tiktok :roll_eyes:


no duets, i asked dom on twitter a while back and he said no


I searched, I didnt see this, so…Fix the searching system maybe??? Idk.

Good. :slight_smile:

Idk man this idea is a kind off a hit or miss.


huh, I guess they do miss

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Nah no duets.

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we’re not planning on doing duets, at least the way they work currently


Thats good. I hope there are some awesome features in Byte to make it different from tiktok.

Happy one year in the forum anniversary! @dom


YAS, really?? Wow, that went quick.

even though dom said he wasnt gonna add duets

i personally think that there should be duets.
but if someone make something offensive, you can just flag the post :man_shrugging:

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Yeah, but there might be too many to delete.

Dom has confirmed a feature called “teams” where you can collaborate on posts. There are several topics on this. Please use the search bar to search for topics before you create a new one.


Omg please not duets. Byte is it’s own thing and shouldn’t be too similar to any other app (except the one of course). Also, as funny as a lot of duets are, they’re just fodder for bullying and meming.


Spins and Hits the dab like Wiz Khalifa

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