Drop your 2019 byte #hashtag here

Mine is pretty simple it’s #bytethe2ndgenofvine :metal:

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Mine is: #Let’sStopComparingByteToVineBecauseThey’reNotTheSameDamnThing.


Greedy, if it wasn’t for vine, I don’t think you would have been here on this forum waiting for byte, let me educate u, it all started when Dom named it V2, now you know :joy::joy: #bytethe2ndgenofvine

are you trying to educate literally the people that outside of doms team know probably the most about the app or are you joking

#hashtag. That’s a mine


I’m glad you noticed. I don’t know anything neither do you.

Alrighty then I mean from seeing Dom saying a lot of things about the app I’d say I do but you do you x

V2 actually stood for Version 2, not V*ne 2. And I get what you mean, it’s just that byte has the same concept as Vine, they’re not the same thing, though.

I don’t know a lot. I wish I did though :joy::sob:

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At least you understand :grimacing:

Is that the story we’re going with now? :joy:

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This should be the official hashtag to use for byte in 2019 #hashtag

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this thread gave me actual gas.

let the guy be happy that its an app made by the developer of vine. we all know its the 2nd gen, we just cant say it :blush:.

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#readytobebytefamous :joy: Not really


When does a thread ever not give u gas sho


They all do



Has anybody ever told u that with gas or diesel you can fuel ur car if u have one, no shade🤔