Drop Discord,PSN and Steam Usernames

Put your usernames so i can add and play with you

If you play on PC, tell me your username and I’ll add you.
Here are some other people who you can add:

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I play in ps4 but if you use in pc we can play together

Steam is CaptainQuack101

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My PSN is Deni3661

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Do you play Fornite? Do you have Discord?

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Do you have Discord?

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The name is misleading, but I’m down for some fortnite

Discord: D3Solate#3576

I was wondering if you still have the code for save the world for ps4

my name on PSN is TiKe_05 im dutch and speak english 2

Yo, I am looking for a code for PC, my username is YeahDqtWay