Dream team

This isn’t going to be the team name but that won’t be disclosed until the time to take the name comes, im looking for a group of people willing to create a meme/weird comedy based team. Serious inquiries only my twitter/ig handle is @Chaunsace


Wow everyone is making plans to make teams already and the app hasn’t even come out yet :joy:


Yep, they are a lot of persons doing this

Gotta be prepared

Can you say your instagram? It is better to look for you there

Honestly it’s already in use in so many social media’s we use today it’s become a strategy. I had the idea before the forums came out but I didn’t know if it was going to be Pro team or Anti team because twitter isn’t exactly too fond about teams

Same handle as my Twitter

@ThomyBalca @Sleepy wait so how old are you two because I feel like I’m a teen so I wouldn’t be able to fit into the team

@amelia I’m 20 I’m not that old plus I look young it’s just my avi adds clout to my age

do you have any content to show so we can get a better idea as to what you make and are looking for?

Check my likes on my twitter @Chaunsace

Keep the memes alive. Thank you for supporting the cause it fuels us all

Memes aren’t dead 2k18 it’s still real ni🅱️🅱️a hours

If you’re looking for weird I’m your man

I’m in count me in

Do you have any other social media’s with content already up ?

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Well count me in I guess😂

Better to be prepared for the release! If you have support and backin at the initial release you have a high chance of success!

Damn, I got to start getting a team together, everyone else is. :disappointed_relieved:

yeah but v2 should also be about fun, don’t forget that!

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