Dream destination!

Hey Guys!!!

What’s your dream destination??? Mines Hawaii, or Australia :smile:



California or Hawaii, somewhere relaxing

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either hawaii (I used to live there as a kid and I miss it :cry:), Florida, or england/europe :grin::rainbow:

America, Hawaii, South Africa and Australia

New Zealand

Moved to Off topic, would love to travel to California and settle with my mom after, I’d love to travel this world.

my dream destination would probably be Los Angeles. it always seems so cool on the internet and pictures and everything. my second dream destination would be some tropical island like Hawaii or Tahiti with good waves, clear water and beautiful land/nature.

Probably Golden, Colorado or Ireland.

California fa shoo other than that would be South Korea

I would say America, England, France. :grin:

Australia or Japan :slight_smile:

Honestly, mines going back to California and actually living there again.

California or New York

Florida or Texas :man_shrugging:t4:

Cancun, puerto vallarta, japan

I have always wanted to travel all around de world by y love every place, but I LOVE LIKE REALLY LOVE Hawaii and Denver,CO so that would be my dream destination

California or Hawaii

I’d love to travel around all or North America. Or go back to Thailand.

Cali, Hawaii and Australia

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New Zealand, Detroit. lol

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