Dream Cast for The Show I’m Trying to Create

So I don’t really know how else to bring this up but I’ve been having some ideas. I was wondering if it was stupid or not to do so i turned to this place to have opinions.

So, i already have some voices of characters that you guys have already seen.

Liam - Troy Gentile/ Sean Giambrone
(Sean https://youtu.be/nXT4BtFlvqk)
(Troy https://youtu.be/q_EMwNrMZdw 0:30)

Jordan- Honestly im still having trouble with this. Like i know what type of voice i want. I dont really want her to sound cutesy, but i dont want her to sound so stern and serious at the same time. I want people to still see her as a teenager not some 35 year old war vet whos seen too much. Maybe you guys can help me out here :’(.

Mr Toles - Rainn Wilson or Arin Hansen. The dad isnt a super serious character but, hes still a dad. Hes not really threatening but hes caring and would do anything for his kids and will always be there to protect them. Again, maybe some help here.

Princess Aurora- Kate Micucci (voice of Webby Vanderquack from ducktales, Sadie in Steven Universe)

Okay so, i have all these stuff typed out BUT this is where i really want your guys opinions: im thinking that maybe i could use some internet personalities as voice actors for maybe some minor characters, one episode characters, or voices throughout the show. I know that sounds stupid, but it isnt like Im gonna grab someone whos never done acting before and throw him there. This is my idea

-People who actually have voice acted before or have been actors so they know what they are doing. For Ex. Arin Hansen, Danny Avidan, Sean McLoughlin (jacksepticeye), Mark Fischbach (Markiplier), Brandon Cavillo, Jack Douglas (Jacksfilms) Etc.

-People who are fans of these people will maybe tune in to see them do a character. Maybe they will also start to enjoy the show from that episode and want to watch more.

-Some hype can be built up from the show. No I’m not gonna pull a Superbowl Halftime Show with Spongebob.

  • It will help the show out AND will help the people who voice the characters and maybe someone from another show would like them to voice a character from their show.

The only problem I have and someone brought it up is that this might be making me look like a cash grab person. I’m not all about that life, but I think it helps everybody out. This doesnt mean i’m not going to try to get big voice actors in general, (Honestly I would love to get them, but I’m like pretty sure that wouldnt happen) there will be people who actually do thess things as a job, but I also want to throw in some voices that will bring people of all ages around to want to watch. I hope I can have some feedback on this,


Id love to be in it but i doubt u could fly someone from canada

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Yes i am flying you in my private jet