Dream about Byte

Hey guys im your Youtuber AquariusEarth…my twitter is @AquariusEarth1 and my IG is aquariuscortezlee.
My byte name will be Aquarius Lee

I had a dream that byte was extremely sucessful…i can remember the layout and how everything was in place…it was a better lay out then vine ever was…the colors were vibrant and dreamy lights were in the background like a night theme and it allowed you to post videos without delay…i even had a fan base…didnt wont to wake up after all that i remembered…Byte you can do it.


this post suits to be in hype or promote yourself, more than general discussion. please don’t change it back when it’s in the wrong category


I know Byte will be successful. sooo much love and energy is being put into the app. :muscle:


I hope this happens, and good luck 4 yall creators


This was a great dream I wish I could dream like that every night when I go to sleep


Two nights ago I had a dream that I had a birds-eye-view of emails flying to their destination, and last night I was able to find Byte in the play store. Of course I clicked download, but was met with a large 12 character password to enter (the phrase “in your dreams” doesn’t seem to apply).


I kinda had a same dream about finding byte in play store

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Sounds like a dream of a life time, to be able to do what you like for a livng rather than just work for a paycheck. Who knows you might become the next big thing on byte

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