Draft Feature

What’s up guys!

I was just wondering if anyone had any information on how long it will be till we get a draft feature so that we can store unused bytes on the app until we want to upload them and so that we can save our bytes that we just made without posting them. Currently if I make a byte on the app I have to post it then delete it really fast to save it lol.

Not a big deal just wondering if anyone has any information about this?


thanks for the suggestion! we’re adding a “save to camera roll” feature soon (should go out to iOS beta testers today and be in the next update and android a few days later)

and we’re working on a more robust draft feature for later so you can actually work on something over time


Just what I’ve been waiting for!

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wait can I be Beta Tester? I never used or Joined Beta…

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There’s a Google form for the open beta, they’re gradually adding more people.


well where can I find that Google Form? like I wanna Signup so bad.


I agree

This saving feature is for before you post right?


assuming they use the vine method, there’ll be a button to save similar to snapchat

Yes, I’m pretty sure that’s what he meant.

Just signed up for the beta, didn’t realize sign ups were on going. Hopefully I’ll get to try it out!

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What’s the beta sign up link?

If I’m not wrong, it’s this one The ongoing *beta signup* starts now

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Much appreciated fr

I know Dom has said he will be working on this feature but since that was a while ago, I wonder if he still will do it. I know there are more important things needed on the app right now but I would love a draft feature.

I agree one would be cool but like Dom said for now all we can do is save to camera roll (mind you scheduling posts could be pretty meet too once it comes out)