Don't show rebyte to people who follow that person

I don’t think I’ve seen this be suggested but call me out if it has. Sometimes I hesitate rebyting especially people who already have a large following bc I assume most of the people who follow me also follow them and I don’t want to spam their feed. It would be cool if rebytes didn’t show to followers who already follow the rebyted person. Or is this already a thing and I’m clueless? Just a thought!


I think they were limited to not show up super spammy on follow feeds in the event of multiple rebytes by different people on the same video in order to combat rebyte groups, but they’re not completely hidden if you follow the creator. It just limits the amount of the same rebyted video, or didnt give it precedence on the follow feed to other content. I have a funny feeling that made zero sense, but I cant remember exactly what the team said

(Plus, IMO what if someone rebytes a much older video? I know I have seen content from creators I follow that I didnt see a month or so ago that happened to be rebyted by someone I follow)

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I found something, I’ll keep looking tho because I remember more


Yes I found the one I remembered


I agree with you, however I think that even though you and the other person (for example) has the same followers, since our community is small right now, when you posted the video some of your followers may not see it (since ppl have work, school, etc.)

Some ppl honestly don’t go through their entire feed to see every persons video, so sometimes the rebytes help. Maybe in the future this may not be a big deal as the community gets larger or there are post notifications, but as of right now I don’t think it’d be a good idea to get rid of this quite yet.

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I’d also like to eventually have a feed customizer tool that let’s you choose if you want to see rebytes or not :eyes:

Yeah i dont want to get rid of rebytes all together. I’m probably overthinking it tbh but just don’t want people to see the same video twice in the same day

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I agree, that makes sense. Maybe somehow the Byte team can code in something that recognizes the videos that you’ve seen already, so if someone rebytes it, it won’t show up in your feed again. I honestly feel like that’s probably the best solution. That way if someone rebytes it and you didn’t see it you get another chance to see it without scrolling all the way through your feed if you don’t want to…