Don't ignore android when developing byte!

After using byte for the past week, I have noticed some differences between how the app runs on IOS vs on android. We are missing a lot of different features, to name a few: customizable app icons, stickers, etc. (if you guys have any others you can leave them in the replies) I totally understand that developing is way harder on android because it runs on so many different types of phones, but the android market is important to pay attention to nonetheless.

None of these have been deal breaking, but the accumulation of different bugs and missing features, all while seeing iPhone get more things can be frustrating and drive android users away from the app.

I don’t know the specific number for this app of the ratio of android to iPhone users, but in America, although 58% of people owned iPhones, 42% of people android phones in 2019. (source) This number is slowly rising, too. Looking past the US, the majority of European countries have over 50% Android users.

So please, keep consistency between your platforms; it should feel like the same app whether you’re on IOS or android. The android market is a huge and expanding one, so please don’t ignore us when developing your app!

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one thing i know is that the app icon thing is harder to do on android than it is on iOS, not many apps have that on android


true :frowning:


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They’re not ignoring Android. Byte has a small team of developers.

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you can, but he probably will see this anyway


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thanks for writing this. we love droids :slight_smile:

right now there’s 1 android developer who is an absolute champion on the team, and 2 ios devs. ios is also a little easier to develop for because of apple’s approach to development frameworks. we’re trying to hire someone and get this more equal but just so you know it has nothing to do with our preferences and everything to do with it both taking more time and (currently) having fewer people on android


RIP, totally understand. that makes a lot more sense. tell the android developer we love them and appreciate their hard work :smirk_cat: :sunglasses:


It’s even crazier in countries like Germany where Android has a 80% marketshare but I guess it’d be hard to overcome TikTok here anytime soon just because most people probably never heard of the TikTok controversy here, Imo they should focus very hard on India since a lot of India’s are going anti china over there and Byte is a solid replacement for TikTok

I’m a graphic designer. I cant code but i do use adobe XD.

Android is my go to example of a fractal environment in software development.

It’s gotten better, but here’s the branch breakdown.

Google makes OS. They are in beta for 11 right now. Each new version has multiple iterations, and there are still a ton of people using much older versions.

Let’s just say you are concerned with developing for OS 8 to Beta OS 11.

Then, the phone Manufacturers step in, and make custom versions of the OS for each phone model to optimize it’s performance.

Then, the carriers step in and add their special sauce (bloatware) that typically breaks something in either Google’s OS, or the manufacturer’s version.

In a lot of the older versions, you could only get the updates from the carrier. Which can and has broken or even bricked many a phone.