Don't forget about the OTHER co-founders!

WE can still create a great app that’s not V2. Over the past few months I’ve been developing an app called Lightbeam, which is a mobile TV platform. It isn’t V2, nor is it trying to be V2 (or Oevo, for that matter). But it’s very community focused, user-friendly, and allows users to make stop-motion videos.

Here’s my idea: It’s kind of complex, but I think it could work.

V2 isn’t going to release for a while because Dom can’t work on it full-time due to funding and time constraints. But my team and I are prepared to work on Lightbeam full-time. Additionally, Intermedia labs (the parent company of HQ Trivia), is currently led by Vine’s other co-founders (Rus Yusupov & Colin Kroll) and is a well-funded company focused on building the future of TV. Lightbeam is also focused on building a TV platform. If I can get in touch with Rus & Colin, we might be able to work together and build a platform that integrates some of the core features of Vine, but also fits in to Intermedia Labs’ content focus. Thus, they would have an incentive to work with Lightbeam, and with the guidance of Rus and Colin, we could make a platform that has some of the features Vine had, so users could have a great app to play with in the meantime V2 is in limbo.

I only want to go through with this if all of you in the V2 community enjoy using the Lighbeam app. If you wanna try out the early version, please send me an email at with your Apple ID email (as the beta is only available for iOS). I’d love to hear all your thoughts. I think this might be a good plan for now because it doesn’t involve asking for huge funding amounts and also isn’t trying to push Dom to build V2 at the moment. Also, we could build an app that satisfies the Vine community without trying to rip off V2. Thanks! - Kiran

Sounds great but I only have Android rn.

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I’d love to try the app! But my phone got taken away from me so thanks @mom :joy:

Oof you get a new laptop but your phone’s immediately taken away :sweat_smile:

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I’ve had it taken away for 6 weeks now! :joy:

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Oh that’s even worse haha

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