Don't donate to v2

There have been multiple posts being made that link to kickstarters/gofundme pages asking for donations so they can start/help v2.

Don’t donate to any of these pages. If the donation page was set up by someone other than Dom, do not trust it. The best thing to do right now is just to wait.


Wow I LITERALLY JUST made a 99.9% similar topic like 30 seconds after you :laughing:

I need to type faster loll


Exactlyy people gotta chill rn


Thank you! People need to realise that the only info that can be trusted is posted by Dom and the V2 team


It’s fake obvs so u won’t be doing any good

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some people are so desperate to scam other people for money. it’s sad and tragic and they need to get caught.

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I agree. Broke ass b*tches

like seriously… it’s not that hard to get off of your ass and get a fucking job. lol.:roll_eyes:

As an expert do you have the ability to delete topics asking for money?

There not on the forums there on places like twitter where I have seen people who have gained hundreds of dollars

moderators and admins can, but I wouldn’t @. Flag the Topic as “something else” and give the reason. Here is FAQ to reference

I know how the forums work. I’m just saying they’re dangerous to have around. We don’t want scams on the forums bc obviously we don’t want people getting their money stolen from them.

I just suggested to flag because it will get the attention of the moderators. Experts can’t delete. I didn’t mean to say you did not know how the forum worked. I am in complete agreement with you wanting them removed

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