Dont Bully TikTokers

Hi, so Byte kinda popped off today and we are all very happy. I ask that we as a community welcome all and not bully the ones who are moving their content which they love from TikTok onto Byte. We should welcome all regardless of where they came from if we want Byte to be a good platform. Be nice, be kind, be a role model on the app and show the new people how its done. Byte is In the top 20 social media apps in Canada and the USA and we should keep it that way. Let’s not post “ew tiktok” underneath peoples bytes, and look at their content behind the watermark! :slight_smile:


I agree we should be welcoming! But leave the water mark behind…


lol we should support them, the watermark is the least of our worries


People cant tho. 90% of TikTokers record their videos using TikTok and they dont have the Watermark-less video to post. When downloading a tiktok as well, the app automatically puts the watermark on the video… Its not a choice, but a limit of TikTok. Thats exactly why we shouldn’t bully them because im guessing if they could, they would rid their vids of the watermark.


That’s why I’m pushing #byteschool. A lot of people have no idea how to use the camera (or the app in general) so they are going with what is familiar.

But definitely, be friendly and welcoming. Let’s not be snobby since YouTube and Instagram both have a TT clone in beta right now. We are far from the only game in town, but we can be the best scene.


Ok but if ur gonna bully do it like dis.


You’re missing my point :laughing: this isn’t tik tok so there’s no reason to take tiktok content and post it to byte. The only reason for doing it is to jump-start a following.


Even if they are lashing out, just brush it off. They are coming to the app expecting it to be Tik Tok 2.0 so gently remind them it’s a fully separate app and will take a minute to get used to.


People posted their Bytes onto TikTok and nobody said anything… Let the people post what they want, and if you dont like it then dont bully them. TikTok and Byte are similar in many ways and overlap in so many more. I dont see why people cant post their TikToks onto Byte. There literally is no reason not to… If they enjoy the content that they made then don’t ridicule them for it…


Byte is a dwarf compared to tiktok so I’m sure no one complained since they didn’t know what it was. I’m not bullying anyone for a watermark lol or even reacting to it like you’re insinuating! Once again you’re missing the bigger picture. If you welcome content from different platforms, where does it end? Are you okay with people posting YouTube clips to byte? Or clips of movies and music videos? Where do you draw the line??


Right now I dont draw one. At this point in time all content is welcome as long as the TOS is followed. We need byte to grow and get bigger and so with TikTokers moving over, im fine with them reuploading their videos. Of course propper copyright must be followed but rn im fine with anything being uploaded as long as its your own content.


Of course not. :pleading_face::point_right:t2::point_left:t2: B-but could we get them to not bully us?


they better not! :(((


"Say something nice":sob:


Lol who cares what they post, we should welcome everything. The more people the better.

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I am one of the people that thinks seeing tiktok all over Byte is bad taste, especially since I am on here because I do not like a lot of Tiktok content. This has helped me calm down about that, though, so thanks.

The main problem I still see is that it is bad for Byte’s branding if people get on here and see TikTok’s brand on everything.


Oh oh! Here’s another acceptable way to clap back in their language. Courtesy of @Jaurshe the SAVAGE.


They are a product of their environment, if the environment they are in can’t justify their hostility then it will die out.


Can we get the option to disable comments on our videos? :clap:t2:


Omg @liddy_cakes that is the best idea I have heard yet!!! Please lets do that!!!