Don't be a fraud!

On v2, please do not download an app that gives you fake followers and fake views! There are so many apps that do that for many social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube that give away fake followers and fake views for free. So on v2, don’t sink to that level. Actually put in the work to building your fanbase. It may be hard work and may get very stressful, but trust me, in time all that hard work will pay off and be worth it.


i agree… faking is never good i tried that…it just ruins it




You know what they say… “fake it, ‘til you maki it”. Jk :joy: :joy: :joy:

when i had fan accounts on twitter, i used to ALWAYS do this. honestly, the followers were aight, but it was like a third party. they would tweet ish when i wasn’t around. like seriously…?? i’d leave my account for 5 mins and i’d be following 20 people. i’d come back later and i’d be following 500. no thanks.:roll_eyes::raised_hand:

lol, i love this family guy episode.:rofl: